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Siyasat Ke Firaun By Wakeel Anjum Pdf Free Download

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Siyasat Ke Firaun By Wakeel Anjum Pdf book is an encyclopedia of Pakistani politics and politicians. The author describes the character and political affiliations of the politicians. He analysed their elections history and criticized their Lotacracy. Siyasat Ke Firaun contains a lot of information and reliable proofs and also historical facts about the rise and fall of Punjabi landlords. This is the story of those, who dyed their hands with the blood of freedom fighters in the 1857 war of independence. Who betrayed the Islamic nation in the national movements? How do they get benefits, tips and rewards from the British government? How they get plots and loans from different Pakistani governments? Very informative book to learn about Pakistani politics in Urdu. Have a download it from below mentioned download links for read offline by yourself and learn about this.
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