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Haalim Episode 9 - Readers Sorry by Nimra Ahmed

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Dear Readers,
In my ten years of writing, I have never ever skipped an episode except for once (Dec 2014). Otherwise whether I am sick, or travelling or extremely busy, or even burnt out, I always make sure to give the episode without compromising the quality. This is the real professionalism. Because hundreds of thousands of people are out there, waiting for the next episode
Most people perceive that writing is done all at once. Together. Whole novel is written and then published in parts. This, however, is not the case.
I'm the kind of writer who writes in the last ten days of a month only. Usually from 21-30th every month. Because after every episode I need a break. Creative mind works like that :)
Not all writers write like that, but I guess that's why not all stories are written alike :)
So if something comes up in those days, it becomes very difficult to complete my episode before the deadline. Usually I manage before the last minute, but this time I could not because those dharna lockdowns affected my and some of my team members routines badly and a lot of precious days got wasted. And honestly, my team would have still made it happen, (they are so hardworking mashaAllah) if I could complete it in time.

My team loves to take the blame on my behalf, blaming themselves for not being available due to their own travel issues. But it's more on me than it is on them. I could not complete it in time, and now I just can't upload a short, incomplete episode. It compromises the quality.
Will take me a few weeks to finish it so yes, you will have to wait more than I promised.
I am sorry for that.

But I'm sure you guys would tolerate it because a novelist is more precious than the novel.
I'll give you the next episode in January inshaAllah :) You would love it I'm sure because the REAL twists of Haalim haven't even come yet !

Thank you all for taking out time to read my writings. And I mean it ( :
Nemrah Ahmed

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