Complete Urdu Digest Lists By PakDigestNovels

Every Month girls find some latest stories in afsane, romantic, thriller, jasoosi, suspense, adventure, love, romance, especially in serial novels collection by famous authors. 
Here I decided to share full story list of digests in one single page, that you find easy.
  • Pakistani biggest digest list I am sharing step by step that you can read or download free. When I published digests every month I provide a content list below digest image title, and put all are serial novels, novelette, serial, complete novels links in same titles.

A lot of users ask where is our serial novel story link we didn't find anywhere?? so, I put a link very simple way to the content article. The question is that what is next.? Next is you just click on a content article and the new tap will open and you got your favorite serial novels. Now read or download choice is yours.
The List That Update Monthly on
Aanchal Digest List / آنچل ڈائجسٹ

Adventure Digest List / ایڈونچر ڈائجسٹ

Darr Digest List / ڈر ڈائجسٹ

Dosheeza Digest List / دوشیزہ ڈائجسٹ

Hina Digest List / حِنا ڈائجسٹ

Hijab Digest List / حِجاب ڈائجسٹ

Jasoosi Digest List / جاسوسی ڈائجسٹ

Khoofnak Digest List / خوفناک ڈائجسٹ

Khawateen Digest List / خواتین ڈائجسٹ

Kiran Digest List / کِرن ڈائجسٹ

Naye Ufaq Digest List / نئے اُفق ڈائجسٹ

Pakeeza Digest Listپاکیزہ ڈائجسٹ

Rida Digest List / رِدا ڈائجسٹ

Sarguzishat Digest List / سرگزشت ڈائجسٹ

Sachi Khaniyan Digest List / سچی کہانیاں ڈائجسٹ

Shuaa Digest List / شعاع ڈائجسٹ

Suspense Digest List / سسپنس ڈائجسٹ
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