ISO Safety Instruction Manual Urdu by Arshad Ali Tahiri Pdf Download

Operating Instructions for Electric Welding Plant In Urdu Pdf Book - ISO Safety Instruction Manual Urdu by Arshad Ali Tahiri, Workshop Safety Rules and Instructions Manual Complete Book Download, پائیونیر لیبارٹریز ایکوئپمنٹ انٹرنیشل، ورکشاپ سیفٹی مینوئل از ارشد علی طاہری, PakDigestNovles.Com
Book Desing By Muhammad Musa Tahiri.

The following subject safety precautions in a workshop in this booklet. 

  • Operating instructions of Drilling Machine
  • Work Instruction for Machinist (Hidayaat Baraye Machine Operator)
  • Welding Plant Tool Grinder safety instruction
  • Operating Instruction of Lath Machine (Khurad Machine)
  • Work Instructions for Painter
  • Operating safety instruction of Electric
  • Safety Instructions for Welder Safety
  • Tips for Store Manager
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